Sunday, June 14, 2009

~My Sweet Regan~

Leather Buttons on this headband

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This is my Sweet Regan. She is four years old. She loves everything pink. She is princess pink around our house, or roni, or reggy, or ray ray or crabby pants.

She prefers Roni, thanks to her uncle Johnny. She is constantly asking to go visit Uncle Johnny at the beach. He lives near Seattle Washington. We have loved having Regan our little princess pink.

She is the one responsible for started this quilting obsession! Okay so I'm in denial. We were living in Provo Utah while my husband was attending Brigham Young University. Toward the end of my pregnancy, I began looking for something beautiful to wrap up my first baby girl. All the the blankets, quilts and even receiving blankets I could find were terrible. Ugg Ugg. and the quality was even worse. I began searching for fabric and stumbled onto the cutest little shop in Orem. American Quilting! I thought I had died. I was in heaven. I bought everything I needed to make the quilt buggy barn heart crazies. We went home for Christmas and I asked my mother-in-law who is a quilter how to make this quilt. She read the instructions and said. " I don't know what you bought! I've never done anything like this!" I asked her to show me what a quarter inch seam was. She showed me and away I went. I finished the quilt in a few days! I was so excited. I sent it off the be quilted. I waited and waited....and waited. Finally about 2 months later (sound familiar) I got it back. I was so excited! I bought two more kits from American Quilting and made one for each of my sisters new babies. Well I was hooked. Scyril finished school and we moved back to Rigby Idaho where we currently live. We put our house on the market and I told him we should open a quilt shop instead of building a house. He agreed and 6 month later I opened "The Quilt Shoppe". I have learned a lot in four years and have tons more to learn. Quilting is so much fun! It has opened up a whole new world for me! My creative side has taken over...the unsure, reserved Amy has fluttered away somewhere along the way!


Mary on Lake Pulaski said...

This is a great story. I love to hear how my creative idols got their start. Thanks for sharing.

spatig fam said...

isnt it funny how your kids can get you to do and try anything once and look where it has gotten you.. I wish I could learn to quilt I have a few friends that have tried to show me..I now have the time so I will be down sometime after girls camp to get a SMALL project to try...Hope you dont mind I am not the Crafty so I will probually drive you nuts with questions. But I really want to learn. CUTE pics of the Princess Regan( that is what I called her in nursery)

Anonymous said...

okay...really I thought you have been sewing forever!! you are a pro, and have great style!

Treasuresofjoy said...

I love her dress and princess pink seems to like it too!

Angie Hansen said...

Well I am definatley glad you moved back and have done what you have. You are extremely talented and love seeing everything you create..and then I can copy it. Thanks Amy for being so awesome.

Carlie said...

Your designs are adorable and i just love the quilt giveaway. I have 5 granddaughters and it would look lovely on their bed in my house! Keep up the beautiful work.