Monday, May 24, 2010

AKA The Freak Show is on The Road!

Melda (my side kick) and I are sitting in the Denver airport, just hanging out! Our flight got canceled! (that bites) We have been here four hours (Melda says we've been here longer but we haven't) anyway we are hoping to get on a return flight to Idaho Falls tonight on stand by tickets (number 4 and 5) at 9:20 p.m. otherwise the airport terminal will be home sweet home until tomorrow at 3:00 p.m. I've seriously never had this happen before. The wind is blowing 30 mph with 50 mph gusts. Our flight here was pretty bumpy! Melda and I are so silly when we travel. I'm pretty sure if either of our husbands flew with us together they would not claim us! We are constantly stumbling over our suite cases and running into each other aka (The Freak Show) It begins the moment we leave the house and doesn't end until we get home. I'm not quite sure how that works, but it does. Okay so I have to apologize for the lack of updating during market! I'm so sorry. I left my USB cord at home and couldn't down load any pictures and honestly what is the use without pictures! I found a USB cord at a shop here at the airport and if all goes well I will have a great slide show of pictures (okay just a minute Melda is talking I'll be right back.........................................I'm back, Melda had to tell me a story about a bird crapping in her face. There is a bird flying around the airport and Melda says "The only way our day is going to get any better is if that bird poops in our heads" I said that's going to make our day better? So she has to tell me this silly story about her and her sister way back when they were juniors in high school. They went down on the beach with a couple boys. They fried up some chicken earlier for lunch but when they got down to the beach and started to eat the fried chicken it wasn't cooked all the way through so they fed it to the seagulls. Well after all the fried chicken was gone the seagulls wouldn't leave and kept circling looking for food. Melda was laying on her stomach in the sun with her back to her young friend and this seagull did his thing all over the side of her face (laughing hysterically) she says she tried to wipe it off before he could see but he turned and said what is that white crap all over your face (it looks like bird crap) LOL! Okay we are so bored. I will try and send you some fabulous market photos if I can get my photos down loaded!

Have a fabulous night! Pray for us we want to come home tonight!

We love al y'all

Amy and Melda Dean!

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