Sunday, June 13, 2010


I am certainly not a blogger pro! As you can see my header is not centered and I've been trying everything I can think of to get it centered. I've been on the blogger help forums and help center. I really stink, although I did figure out how to get my background page up! yeah!!
So you blogger pros out there, help!

Thanks a bunch!



Amy said...

I don't use Blogger but in Wordpress you would need to go to your theme and edit the CSS stylesheet. It looks like your header is right aligned. It could also be that another element needs to have clear formatted to it. Usually there is the body, then a container which holds the header, content, sidebar and footer. Sometimes when you don't clear an element, it causes a different element to float to the left or right of it. So that could also be something that is causing your header to float to the right. I hope that makes sense. Good luck and I hope you get it figured out.

Wendy said...

Hi Amy! I sent you an email at support at katicupcake dot com. Hope I could help :o)

Deb said...

Lol I have no idea! just giving my sympathies... blogger is being such an ass at the moment anyhow.
Good luck sorting it out.
deb xx

Rafael's Mum said...

I am not a pro.. but I had that problem and I deleted my header photo, then went and re-installed it from scratch and it came out ok... Don't ask me why! Best of luck!

gina s said...

How did you get the cute background? Love it! BTW, I not a blogger pro either, as you can tell. So, I have no idea how to help you. Especially since blogger has changed everything.


Jan said...

I use my daughter, Carrie, to fix my problems, here's her blog:
and here's her design blog:

Carrie's prices are extremely reasonable.

SewCalGal said...

Hymm. Not sure if you fixed it, or I just don't see it. But what I'm seeing looks great.

On my blog I know mine is not centered,but what I need to do is take my header image in Photoshop and adjust the size (or so I think). Hymm. Maybe I have the problem you "had"?...