Thursday, March 31, 2011

My Favorite Bag

The My Favorite Bag is sold out! It is re-printing and will be ready next week. Cassie Mickelsen is my photographer you can view her stuff here. I love her work!

I'm leaving in the morning for Washington to visit my grandmother (my moms mother). She has had several strokes within the last couple months and we just aren't sure of her recovery. It has been stressful getting everything ready and done so that I can skip out on a week of work. Confession!< I am bringing my lap top, I guess I just can't live without it. My kids are so excited! Two adults (my sister and I) and seven kids. The best part about this little road trip is we get to play on the beach for the last two days before we head home. My aunt and uncle live in Lincoln City, It's a darling little town and the sand on the beach is white! Out of all the great things in life, there is nothing like the beach even if it is rainy and cold! We are crazy! This is going to be fun. You all have a great week!




Kari @ Fresh Cut Quilts said...

Have a safe trip Amy. Oregon and Washington are beautiful this time of year. And don't worry, everything will get done when you get home!

BTW the bag is darling!

Jan Lutz said...

Have a wonderful trip Amy, I'm so sorry to hear about your Grandmother.
I look forward to seeing you at market!
It's so fun to see all you are accomplishing.


Carolyn said...

The bag is so adorable. Have a wonderful trip!

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Chris said...

Hi Amy, I have made this bag twice as gifts for my daughters. They use them for diaper bags/purses and LOVE them. I really like this pattern, I can see why they have been sold out and in its second printing. Hope your trip went well and your grandmother is doing better. :)