Sunday, April 14, 2013

Love at First Bite......

This little treasure can be found down town Idaho Falls across from the Pier in the  Snake River Landing plaza.  If you need gift ideas, you will not be lacking once you walk in. 

One of my favorites is the handmade jewelry.......

These  dainty hats.....
Local Cheese...made right here in my hometown of Rigby, Idaho.
beautiful pasta!
                                                Delicious Cupcakes! (I couldn't help myself)

                                               Tons of one of a kind pieces for your home.

My dad's personal favorite....Rows and rows of balsamic vinegar in about every flavor you
couldn't even imagine.  This one is next on my list to try!
If a bad day comes your way.......take a walk through this place and you won't
be able to leave without a smile...
Go check them out....They would love to see you!

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