Thursday, January 30, 2014


Joan and Kevin and Cheryl are our winners.  Thanks for playing!  Hope everyone is warm and sewing :) I know I am.  (Winners…..please email me your shipping info. so I can send you your fun prizes!!)

I just received designer cuts of Sweet Harmony (which I hope you are all going to LOVE as much as I do).  Designer cuts are pretty cool.  The fabric gets mailed directly to me from the plant and the rest gets shipped more cost efficiently.  This gives me a little window to  create new patterns and getting them  ready to meet the new fabric when it arrives at your favorite quilt shop!

Truth be told the patterns have already been created and sewn up a couple of times.  When the fabric arrives I get to do it one more time,  photo-shoot for covers, send them out to testers, make corrections
(which are always needed) I wish I were perfect, but God didn't let me get in the perfection line….dang it!  Then we print….this is always a nail biting day….I'm not sure why, I guess by that time what's done is done! right?!!

Fabric should be arriving soon!


Sandie @ crazy'boutquilts said...

Congratulations to the winners! And congrat's to you on your new fabrics! :-)

Wendy P said...