Saturday, January 10, 2009

Candy Kisses

Candy Kisses just arrived...........

It's mouth watering. Come in and look, touch, take some home!

It's also on our website!

"This Takes The Cake" Kit is darling for any table! Use it for a Valentines day treat or for all those future birthday parties. It measures 21" x 28 1/2".

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Kelly O. said...

Hi there,
this is going to sound silly but how hard is this? I do not quilt. I desperately want to and I think I get the idea from reading a million gazillion blogs and books on the subject. but I need to start somewhere and I LOVE THIS! I'm just wondering if this would be a reasonable place to start or if you could tell me where I should start. I want to be a quilting genious overnight (not really one to start small-silly I know) what are your thoughts?
thanks for your time...
Kelly O.