Saturday, January 10, 2009

This is Jake!

This is Jake! My Charm Pack monster! I'm not sure Jake new what a charm pack was until this week! Now that he knows..... watch out mom! He's on a mission. If it's in sight, it's ripped up and thrown about until I come upon the mess screaming. He looks at me like he's looking at you and jumps up running like it's a game. I got the Charm pack now you come and get me.
When my husband gets home, the first thing he says isn't how was your day honey, it's how many did he get today. We are really on a roll. I think it's time for us to child proof the shop...haha. Regan was never this bad. Regan has grown with the shop. We opened when she was about 6 months old. She will be four in February. We definitely had our struggles, but Jake has got her beat. I keep telling myself he'll grow out of it.


Tyra said...

Hi Amy...My life got crazy andI haven't been in( a long sad tale that includes ACL surgery for my son that is the senior bball player) anyway we had the surgery in Utah and my grandson Luke would not leave my charm packs alone...I finally gave up and let him have them and saved the sewing for Idaho. I hope I can come see you next week. Can't wait to see all the new fabrics. Tyra

Tyra said...

and by the way Jake is such a cutie!

Calamity Jane's Cottage, Bonnie said...

Hi Amy,
Jake reminds me of my daughter. I kept thinking she would grow out of it. All I can say, you will have your hands full. He is a doll.
Love the placemats.
Keep Stitchen'

ljposton said...

It's like his own personal playground. He could bolt for the front door every time someone came over. Maybe the charm packs are a blessing in disguise? LOL Roni.

Sandi said...

Hi Amy - Jake is a cutie-pie! All my children, grandchildren and great-granchildren live in other areas of the west - not in Utah. So I have adopted the neighborhood kids ad mine - we have lots of fun together. I love your fabrics and will need to order some for a new quilt for a new great!

Kelly O. said...

OH dear! He's too cute to get mad at! But I've been there!

Cara said...

Oh my...cute but I can see how frustrating it would get! I had to laugh though- my 2 year old loves to disturb a nicely folded pile of fabric in my studio and he always has this funny little laugh while doing it so I can relate! LOL!: )

rachel griffith said...

that's what my little guy does with fat quarters.
he'll rip the sticker off and unfold them.

he's a cutie.

Devanie said...

I can't handle the cuteness!!! We can't wait to come up at the end of February and witness the charm pack monster for ourselves!