Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Check out my How to make a rosette video over on the side bar!

I love making rosettes. My mother made these all the time while I was growing up. She used them for everything! I remember thinking my mother new everything, I was certain she was the best! When we grow up we all realize the truth about our mothers, well about all of us. I hope my daughter thinks I'm the best even it it's just for a little while!

Use a Rosette as a broach or a pendant!

Down Town! By Kati Cupcake
This pattern will be available soon!

Use a rosette to dress up a skirt or t-shirt!

This is Maggie. Available in 3-4, 5-6 & 7-8!


Jackie said...

Way too cute!!

wishes, true and kind said...

Love the bag and the rosettes! I still think my mother knew everything, but I'm pretty sure my daughter knows that I don't (she's 20). LOL -- but she loves me anyway :).

momof3girls said...

These are adorable! You are so talented and creative. I hope one day to be able to quilt like you. Many blessings!