Thursday, September 16, 2010

Organize all your hair bows and clips

Do you have hair bows and clips floating all over your house? If you have girls you probably have hair bows galore! I was at one of my favorite shops in Pocatello, Idaho and found a fun old screen. I pulled some fun trims from my stash to match Regans room. First I layed out the trim across my frame, then I cut the trim about 2" longer on each edge to wrap around the screen and stapled it to the back side. Then I stretch a couple pieces the opposite direction just for fun making sure my trim was a couple inches longer on each edge to wrap and staple. I wove in and out of the vertical trims already in place. Added a couple buttons and all my bows. Quick easy and very cute!






Tudy said...

What a neat idea. I have 2 teenage granddaughters with long hair and lots of clips.

hair accessories said...

This is so cute and easy! How creative! Such a great idea to have all the hair stuff organized. This is definitely a DIY I would love to try. :)

Emily and Jaime at Everyday Art said...

Love that! The answer I've been looking for.

One Mama said...

Adorable! I think I'm going to try that with an old backless wooden picture frame!