Tuesday, October 26, 2010

IPhone Monster!

Meet my IPhone Monster!

I splurged a little and bought my husband and I Iphones a couple of months ago. We both love our phones and so do our Monsters! The photo above one of 1,000 plus photos taken within the last couple of weeks. I've found very interesting videos of nothing, or me stuffing patterns (how exciting)! It's kind of amusing! This is my monster as Captain Jake Sparrow!
He was pretty excited to be Jack Sparrow tonight at our church Halloween Carnival.
Happy Halloween.......almost....


Erica said...

Wow he has gotten so big. I also have phone monsters and camera monsters at my house. My favorite happened when I wasn't home and my kids broke something and a couple days later i was uploading my camera card and found a video of the hole episode, along with some very amusing pics. I discovered a lot more goes on when I am gone then I thought.

Melda said...

He looked so dang cute! I guess he gets that hairy face from his dad!