Monday, May 30, 2011

pillow fight for a cause!

I love pillow fights! I love them even more knowing that no one is going to run off crying because they got hurt.
I just met an amazing young lady, her name is Malynn who has gone through some pretty tough stuff. I got an email from a 14 year old a few weeks ago when I was looking for testers to sew my patterns and give me feed back. I was kind of taken back that a 14 year old might be interested in testing one of my patterns. Malynn did end up testing one of my patterns and did a fabulous job. Here is her picture of The Little My Favorite Bag.


Malynn has a goal to donate 100 pillow cases to Primary Childrens Medical Center in SLC, Utah. To help other children feel better about their stay. I can't even imagine as a parent what it might be like for a children to endure what they endure. Lets help Malynn help them smile :-)

Ladies......Let have a pillow fight!

It is my personal goal to send her over 100 pillow cases! If you are local and are interested in sewing a pillow for this cause please email me at I would like to get a sewing night or two together and teach those of you who don't know how to make a pillow case. Those of you who do know and want to join us to help others, that would be great. I will try and get a time put together in the next few days!

For more information about this event click HERE!

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xoxoxo Amy


Kristy said...

The bag turned out gorgeous!

I look forward to sharing about the pillowcase project on my blog this week too! Great outreach and goal! :)

Kristy said...

ps...the link nor the button is working.

Shannon said...

Isn't this an awesome project. I know Malyn. She has been in some of my bag & quilt classes. She does beautiful work. And she has been through some rough times. So proud of her

@pril said...

I shared this post on my blog:

I also put the button on my left sidebar. About to let Ladybird know as well.

Ladybird Ln said...

Thank you so much for featuring this on your blog!