Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Okay, so I didn't die on the airplane! Everyone told me I wouldn't. I go through this every time I have to fly. If I don't make a big deal out of it now, that will be the time I actually crash! haha.

My Regan was so cute while I was away. When I talked to her on the phone she would say Mommy where are you? I want to go with you. It made my heart melt. I'm glad to be back with my family.

Houston really was fun, I enjoyed every minute! I went with a friend Sheri Howard who by the way has a book deal with Kansas City Star. She is going to be a star! When the book comes out, I will let everyone know and we will for sure have a book signing with Sheri.

We started our trip with a 3 hour drive to Salt Lake City, Utah. We mad a pit stop at Pipers Quilts and Comforts. Very cute shop. Our Trunk show is currently there. So if your close go check it out! They have the entire show!

I met up with my brother Sam and his bride Devanie later that evening. They took me to this old house, turned charming restaurant nestled on main street in Bountiful. It was an absolute delight. We sat right next to a fireplace, it was warm a cozy. The Sego Lily Cafe, located at 305 North Main Street, Bountiful Utah 801-294-3327. You wont be sorry you tried it!
This is my baby brother Sam and his wife Devanie. They have been married just a little over a year.
Sam and I in front of the Sego Lily Cafe
I love you Sam and Devanie!
I had the Arista. It was divine!
Yum Yum.

The Chef - I wrote his name down, of course I lost it.
He was gracious enough for a picture, so I could be a good blogger! haha

In Houston, My Moda Sales Rep Linda Burrup! She fell and hurt her knee at market. The poor thing she was hobbling the entire show. I hope your feeling better Linda! Thanks for the ginger snaps and the extra hunny bun!
The Buzz has started, everyone is talking about Howard Marcus's Collections for a Cause. The next line is called Legacy. The quilt hanging is the replicated quilt and the one cascading over the table is the real thing! Absolutely beautiful.

Legacy is what one leaves behind in an effort to enhance the care of future generations. The newest collection of reproduction prints from Howard Marcus is doing just that. The proceeds from Legacy go to to help fund the research to find a cure for Juvenile Diabetes. In ivory, soft blues, chestnut and double pinks the next quilt you make could be as beautiful as it is charitable.

Moda Bake Shop Book!

This line will be available on line at Katicupcake.com and the Quilt Shoppe in Rigby March 2009
Lila Tueller!

This is in the heart of down town Houston, beautiful isn't it. This picture is for my son Austin who told me not to forget to take some pictures of sky scrapers!
Jessica Goldman of Bananfana Designs. Most of you probably know her, if you don't you should. Jessica lives in Rigby! She designs childrens clothing, bags, quilts and other fun things!

I met up with Barbara from Quilt Soup. She has a new line of fabric, Bubble Gum which ships in February
Shown above. This is so darling, the great news is we are getting the entire line! You will love it!
Girls from Inygo Junction
I stumbled on to Marie Osmand!

Shopping......More Shopping..... You didn't get to see all the shopping I did otherwise there would be no surprise. We have so many fun new things coming, you will love all the new fabric.

Holly Holderman, owner and designer of Lake House Drygoods
visit her at hollyholderman.typepad.com

These are Holly's babies ric and rac! My husband might let me have on of these sweet Yorkies!
Hope you enjoyed a little bit of my trip....