Sunday, May 31, 2009

Funny Stuff!

I just had to share.
My mother-in-law came over this evening and shared a little neighborhood eaves dropping.
Father across the street yells at the kids
"Get the hell out of the road"
Child says "but dad the cat is going to get hit by a car"
Dad Says "if you don't get out of the road your going to get hit by the car"
Child says "but dad we love the cat"
to cute!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

New Patterns!

Penelope measures 44" square. Made in Bubble Gum Basics by Barbara Jones of Quilt Soup. We made this quilt for those little ones that can't sit still. It's 3d flowers play a dual role, beautiful blankee with a touchy feely toy built in!
Miss Mazie, named after my niece Mazie.... It just looks like Mazie, vibrant and beautiful. Quilt measures 56" x 56"

Mellie.....Measures 45 1/2" x 55 1/2" This was named after my dear friend Melda! It takes one Jelly Roll, one charm pack and one fat quarter!

Lollipop, Lollipop measures 51 1/2" x 56 1/2". Charm pack friendly!

Liza Jane......4" wide x 9" tall x 12" long. Pattern comes with both styles as shown above!

Amira comes in two different styles a large bag and a small bag.......

This is Bella Baby. It come with instructions for the baby quilt and runner. The Quilt Measures 41 1/2" x 41 1/2". The runner measures 17 1/2 x 37 1/2"
All will be available on my website Please call 208-745-5151 for wholesale information.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Exciting News!

It wasn't very nice of me not to tell yesterday. I've never been so excited about a salvage line in my life. I have a contract with Henry Glass to design fabric. Well it's pretty well designed just a few finishing touches and it will be ready for print. I'm hoping by fall which means it will be available in stores November or December. We are all crossing our fingers. It's quite a process. I met with my design coordinator she's a kick! I will give you all a taste as soon as I can. Happy creating!


Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Back From Market! Exciting News!

We are back! Market was in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania this year. It was amazing. My first market as a vendor (pattern designer) Usually I'm buying for my shop. What a change. I have a much greater appreciation for those who create and market their creations. It's intense and a bit daunting! This is our booth. Kati Cupcake Pattern Co. This is Melda! My very good friend and quilt shop buddy.

Again, Our booth!

Our both yet again!

My good friends Bonnie Olaveson, Camille Roskelly..... Behind them their new line Simple Abundance!
Good work ladies!

This is Heather and her son Doug. Heather owns the Quilt Barn in Kimberly, Idaho. I haven't been to her shop yet, but I've heard tons of great stuff about it.

Doug was such a trooper. I asked him if he was having a good time and he just looked at me. I told him my son Austin who is the same age, has been begging me to go to market. He wrote Austin a message.

This is not fun, don't come

13 year old from Idaho


Austin Laughed when he read it! I'm not sure it changed his mind!

He still thinks he wants to go, just not as bad.. what ever that means.

Meet Patty Young! Designer for Michael Miller. Love her new line Summer Sioree. Not sure when it's available, go check out her blog. http://

Patty Young again.....

Patty Young again

and again!

Melda and I got invited to go on a dinner cruise from Moda. It was alot of fun. Thanks Moda!

Our boat was the last one to leave......

This was the inside.

PNC Field taken from the boat. The view of the city was just fantastic.

Melda and I on the boat up on the deck, just chillin.

The city was gorgeous!

This was at the convention center. The water fall follows the path down to the dock. It was so beautiful!

Barbara Jones from Quilt Soup wasn't at market, but her new book and fabric was! It was everywhere and very fun! It's bubble gum basics by Henry Glass

My sister Jen came down from Philly to see me while I was at the show. I miss you Jen. Thanks for coming!

We all know Heather from Anka's Treasures! Her booth was sweet!

Heather and I!

She is such an amazing designer! I love her fabric and books!

So the whole trip Melda kept saying. "We're walking I'm not going to waste my virgin cab ride with you". I'm saving it for Jo (her husband). It's kinda funny, melda has lived all over the world literally. Well she waisted it on me otherwise we would have missed the plane. We left the hotel at 2:00 am our time to get to the airport. Sorry Joe!

Enjoying the ride.

Trying to keep my eyes open.

This is Melda.....She is so fun. She was rockin our booth!
Watch for our winner of the give-a-way!
I forgot to mention the exciting news. I'll tell you tomorrow!