Saturday, June 27, 2009


PhotobucketThis isn't a formal introduction....we have a name! It's been a long haul and looking like we still have a few miles to go. Marabella is the name of my first fabric line for Henry Glass. I am very excited, I just wish we could get it done before market...isn't going to happen! Oh well. It will be available for quilt shops to order at market. Usually it's available in quilt shops a couple months after ordering. I will share every piece as soon as I'm allowed. Happy days!


Sunday, June 21, 2009

Fathers Day Surprise!

Regan, guess whats behind by back Regan has been so excited to give her daddy the fathers day card she made about two weeks ago. She is a daddys girl through and through.

Regan, Jake & Dad
Regan and Jake wishing daddy a Happy Fathers day. Two many surpises in one day. Happy Fathers day sweety (as if he's ever going to read this! lol) We are off to all the fathers day lunches, dinners and desert get togethers. Hope you all have had and are having a wonderful fathers day!


Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Sunday, June 14, 2009

~My Sweet Regan~

Leather Buttons on this headband

are available at The Quilt Shoppe and

will be available on our site soon!

This is my Sweet Regan. She is four years old. She loves everything pink. She is princess pink around our house, or roni, or reggy, or ray ray or crabby pants.

She prefers Roni, thanks to her uncle Johnny. She is constantly asking to go visit Uncle Johnny at the beach. He lives near Seattle Washington. We have loved having Regan our little princess pink.

She is the one responsible for started this quilting obsession! Okay so I'm in denial. We were living in Provo Utah while my husband was attending Brigham Young University. Toward the end of my pregnancy, I began looking for something beautiful to wrap up my first baby girl. All the the blankets, quilts and even receiving blankets I could find were terrible. Ugg Ugg. and the quality was even worse. I began searching for fabric and stumbled onto the cutest little shop in Orem. American Quilting! I thought I had died. I was in heaven. I bought everything I needed to make the quilt buggy barn heart crazies. We went home for Christmas and I asked my mother-in-law who is a quilter how to make this quilt. She read the instructions and said. " I don't know what you bought! I've never done anything like this!" I asked her to show me what a quarter inch seam was. She showed me and away I went. I finished the quilt in a few days! I was so excited. I sent it off the be quilted. I waited and waited....and waited. Finally about 2 months later (sound familiar) I got it back. I was so excited! I bought two more kits from American Quilting and made one for each of my sisters new babies. Well I was hooked. Scyril finished school and we moved back to Rigby Idaho where we currently live. We put our house on the market and I told him we should open a quilt shop instead of building a house. He agreed and 6 month later I opened "The Quilt Shoppe". I have learned a lot in four years and have tons more to learn. Quilting is so much fun! It has opened up a whole new world for me! My creative side has taken over...the unsure, reserved Amy has fluttered away somewhere along the way!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Guess Who Woke Me Up!

Okay, a couple of weeks ago I got a phone call at 8:30 a.m. Usually by 8:30 in the morning I've showered, gotten ready for the day and have pieced an entire quilt....LOL..... Actually, I had just gotten back from market, and was just totally out of it. I get this phone call, that literally woke me up. It was Mark Lipinski. I'm sure you all know who he is! Right, well if you don't he is creator and executive director for Quilter's Home. His Mark My Word articles are hysterical, truth be known he's hysterical! So he tells me on the phone that they want to do an article on me, called My First Break. He gives you some history about his first break and then introduces me. I'm really thrilled. It will print in the Aug/Sept issue. That's my big news.


Monday, June 1, 2009

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!

We have a winner! This has been a lengthy give-a-way! Sorry, we won't do that again. The lucky Miss Angie of "thegrovesgathering" is the winner of a Simple Abundance jelly roll. Simple Abundance is a new line by Bonnie Olaveson and Camille Roskelley, it comes out this September. I couldn't think of one piece in the entire line that I could live without. Sooo you guest it I bought the whole line precuts and all.
It will be available sometime in September. We also have Bonnies trunk show coming in at the same time!
Angie you are a lucky girl. No one else (except a select few) has any of this line until SEPTEMBER! It looks like you live in Rigby, so come on over and claim your prize!