Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Oops I forgot

I forgot to mention. When you leave a comment about the give-a-way. Please leave at least your name so I can be sure to give you credit. Also if you are linking me to your blog - please leave your blog address so I can give you credit. If someone told you about the give-a-way be sure and leave their name so they can get credit! Have fun and happy new year!


Quilt Give-A-Way!

Okay. I've decided to turn over a new leaf. I'm a terrible blogger it's been almost two months, since my last post. I really am going to try really hard to become an insane/crazy blogger. I've already mastered the insane and crazy part. Blogging is the next step.

If you are doing any shopping on katicupcake.com, type in happynewyear for 15% off your entire purchase through the end of January! During check out you will be given a chance to put in any promo codes. I hope you have a wonder New Year!

In celebration of this fantastic year that awaits us all, I've decided to give away a quilt! How great is that! Make a comment and get entered to win! Link me to your blog and get two entries. Tell your friends and have them tell me you sent them our way and get 5 extra entries.

The quilt measures 44 1/2" x 63" and is made out of recess by american jane! I love her fabric