Wednesday, May 9, 2012

How Could Life Get Any Better - Nik Day

My daughter pulled out a CD from a pile of CD's I have on my desk.....It was playing in the background as I was trying to work. But I couldn't get mad, because the music made me smile! I enjoyed a couple songs which brought back so so so many memories...good ones and some that are a little harder to remember just because they make me cry, but the sweet music was so comforting to me. It was Nik Day. Let me tell you a little bit about what I know about Nik Day.

Years ago when I first opened my quilt shop back in 2006, my sister told me about this young kid that was going to be playing (music that he wrote himself...... some at a very young age) at this little place (I can't remember the name of it...imagine that!) anyway.

My sentences keep running on and on...sorry!

My husband and I went and watched him play and sing with my sister Julie and her husband Nick. It was such a fun night! Soon after my sister brought me over a couple CD's one was just piano music and another one was one of his first CD's he produced of his own music. Maybe his first. Not quite sure on the details.  I played it in my quilt shop for years.  Every once in a while a college student woud come in and recognize the music.  I have watched him grow and find himself in his music and it has really been a cool thing to watch. My watching has been from the side lines. I'm not a family member, or a close friend, just someone who loves his love for music.  I can't wait to see what's next!

When I got sister Julie wanted to do something special for me. She suggested a benefit concert. I told her no that I didn't want one and she said I've already talked to Nik Day (who is also a college student at BYU in Utah) and he wants to do it. I really didn't know what to think or say. He took an entire weekend out of his busy life and gave it to me and my family, so did many others that weekend.

Listening to his music today made me remember that I wanted to share his music with all of you!  I hope you enjoy it.  You can also check out his website here!

Thank you Julie for your unconditional love and to everyone else who participated in that event!

I love you all! xoxo

Nik Day....Keep on Rock'n!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012


Our first winner is Carol!
Carol Said......... "Cute I would sew love to win these decals and cut up my sewing machine."

Our Second winner is A.J. Dub

A.J. Dub said
"Very cute! I love to personalize"

Congrats to both of you!  Please send me your address to and we
will get your prizes sent off!

I hope that you both will send us a couple of pictures once you get them on your machine.  We would love to sew them.

Thank you for sharing!