Thursday, April 26, 2012

Lilly Belle kati cupcake (give-a-way)


sisters07  I am so excited to share what Melda and I have been up to.  If you haven't met Melda...well your missing out.  She is so funny and fun to be around.  Melda has been my sidekick,  through most of my years owning a quilt shop and has traveled to every market with me for last four years.  We get into lots of trouble together.  Well......we have decided to go on a joint venture far it has been fun!

We decorate everything around us, our homes, our yards our sewing rooms and even our children. Now you can decorate your sewing machine! With our sew creative packs decorating a sewing machine has never...never been so much fun and sewing machines have never looked this good.  We have 3 color schemes to choose from.  Below we have light pink and orange.  Be creative, layer and mix and match colors.  If you get tired of them, simply peal them off and your ready to add something different.  Katicupcake-30 Katicupcake-32 Katicupcake-37

We are so excited we've decided to give a couple packs away.  So gives us a comment...tell us what you think and we will pick a couple winners!

Amy & Melda

New Patterns...

This is Sweet Pea........It measures 14 1/2 wide x 13" tall x 5" deep.

Katicupcake-8Here is the back view of the bag showing the pocket. I love that this bag has lots of pockets.

Katicupcake-11Inside view showing the magnetic clasp and lots of those pockets!

Katicupcake-10 This is our first bag with a zipper closure option!  If you are scared of the zipper, not worries we have the magnetic clasp option as well.

Got it Covered comes in two sizes.  Large, for those professional size machines and small/Medium for
everything else.  It also comes with an organizer great to get all your notions together in one place.

I have also used it for color crayons and drawing supplies for my kids in the car or at church.

My personal favorite use is for make-up.  I love that I can see everything.

This is bohemian festival by Lila Tueller. 

Here is Lillian and Oliver.  The pattern includes the quilt, burp and bib.  This was sewn in Peak Hour by Riley Blake.  Very cute boy line.

These will be available toward the end of May.  If you are interested in testing any of these, we are in need of a couple new testers.  Please email me at

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Little Peak

Here's a little peak of what I've been working on. This was a really fun photoshoot. Ali Foster of Bits of Bliss photography did a great job! Thanks Ali! The girls had a great time!

This is the Elloise dress and knit pant set. (Available the end of May)






There's more to check back!



Thursday, April 5, 2012

Sew Crazy! Sew Fanatical! Sew Creative? Sew What?

Sew Crazy! Does that describe you? Well it describes me on certain days...certain days for sure. Sew Fanatical.....all the time. Sew Creative? Well we are all creative in our own way and I love that about being an individual. Everyone is different...thank goodness and all create differently! I love the creative process and how it influences my really does. Does is influence yours?

Well I've hit the fanatical and crazy day all at the same time and that is when things get interesting! LOL.....

I've been a sewing maniac the past few weeks and the truth is I've enjoyed almost every minute of it. Here is a sneak peak of Elloise not fully constructed of course, and Millies Closet by Lorie Holt you can see the whole line here.


Happy Sewing!