Saturday, July 25, 2009

Supply List For Mitered Receiving Blanket

30" x 30" Flannel
For your focus fabric (top middle piece) (you will have to buy 32" x 45" and square it to 30" x 30")

40" x 40" Flannel
For back and mitered corners (you will have to buy 42" x 45 and cut and square it to 40" x 40")

Jumbo Ric Rac
3 3/4 Yard

Water Soluble Pen (for marking the mitered corners)
Straight edge ruler

I will post the video sometime next week before Friday!


Mitered Corner Receiving Blanket

Next Video Class....Mitered Corner Receiving Blanket! It's quick, fun and they make great baby gifts.


Friday, July 24, 2009

Video Classes.....

I have has so many people come into my shop asking if I teach classes. The answer unfortunately is no. I just don't have enough time or enough room in the shop. So I've decided, if I can figure it out lol I will post video classes on my blog. The first is How to achieve a true quarter inch seam. I truly believe there are 3 fundamentals of quilting. If you can master these three fundamentals you will achieve success!

1. Cutting accurately
2. True Quarter Inch Seam
3. Pressing not ironing

Hope you enjoy the video... Next up is How to make a mitered corner receiving blanket! It's very fun and very easy! So stay tuned........

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Cover your Camera Strap!

I took a photography class last week from Angie Hansen. It was a fantastic class. I really learned alot. I was pretty excited about learning so much about my camera and photography.....when I get excited I usually sew. So the covered camera strap (sure to have been made before) was born...(in my house anyway).

Start by measuring the bulky part of your camera strap. Mine measured about 2" wide x 19 1/2" long

Times the width by 4 and add 1" to the length. New measurement: 6" wide x 20 1/2" long
Use this formula for any size strap.

I decided to use 2 1/2" strips, great for using up jelly roll scraps. My camera needed 10 - 2 1/2" x 6" strips. If for instance your camera strap was 1 1/2" longer than mine, just add one extra strip and cut off equal amounts from the first and last strip to make it the right size.

Lay out your strips in the order you want them as shown below .

Sew each strip together using 1/4" seam allowance. Sewing along the 6" side. Press between each seam.

Next cut a piece of fusible fleece the size of your pieced strip. If your camera strap is the same size as mine, is should measure 6" x 20 1/2". Press the fusible fleece strip to the wrong side.

Top stitch on each side of the seams as shown.

Press in half


Bring each raw edge onto the pressed mark in the center and press as shown.

Repeat so that both raw edges are pressed into the middle. Each raw edge should lay right up to the middle pressed mark.

Open back up and fold each short edge 1/2" in and press.

Lay the camera strap along the middle fold. Fold each edge as originally pressed.

Pin in place.

Top stitch around entire camera strap

You are done...Put your strap back on your camer and enjoy your new chic camera strap.

Hope you enjoyed this totorial!

Monday, July 20, 2009

My friend Tiffany of Tiny Seamstress is doing a throwdown bag challange. The deadline is August 3rd so go check it out!


It's Time For A Winner!

Are you all ready to find out who are winner is?!!!! Please give me a drum roll..........................................................

The Winner of this fabulous kit is Salem Stitcher of North Carolina....yahhhhhPhotobucket
I decided to pick a second winner, since we had so many entries. Bonnie Bingo, you are the pround owner of Seven Kati Cupcake Patterns.

Congrats to both our winners!


Thank you to everyone for participating. We will be doing this again, so check back and see whats next.

Winners, please email me your shipping info and I will get your prizes in the mail.


Friday, July 17, 2009

Don't Give Up On Me!

Please don't give up on me. I had no idea I would have this many entries. I want to be fair to everyone that entered. I'm still checking blogs....checking more blogs....adding each entry. Thank you all for you wonderful support! We will have a winner or two soon!
This is Jake my almost two year old smelling mommies flowers! To cute just had to share.

Saturday, July 11, 2009


Better LATE then never, right? Well my good friend Camille is doing a "Parade of quilts" Head over to her blog, she tells you all about it. Have fun, I think you have to do it before this Monday! So get going!

This is my very first quilt....................


Heart Crazies - Buggy Barn

I have to admit, I'm afraid to wash it....I made this before I knew the difference between fabric and real quality fabric. Only a few pieces aren't quality, but still I'm afraid to wash it.

This is my last quilt. I finished it about a month or two ago. I can't believe it's been that long since I finished a quilt. I have been working....on other fun exciting things. Well this is it!

last quilt

It's made from Wonderland by Mo Mo for Moda.......

Just a few more quick things. My good friend Bonnie of Cotton Way, just started her fist blog. You won't be sorry, she's awesome!

Also the Kit give-a-way is going to go through the week-end. I will announce the winner a Tuesday or Wednesday....It's going to take a while to go through all the entries. I will keep you posted. We will have a second prize winner. I'll will give more details Monday!

Happy Blogging!


Monday, July 6, 2009

Worth Blogging About!

This is Porch Pots by "Quilt Soup" I love this quilt. You may be the winner of this lovely kit. It measures 60" x 68 1/4". Make a comment get an entry. Tell someone - if they make a comment and mention you, you get an entry and they get an entry. Link me to your blog and get two entries. If I'm already linked, blog about the quilt give a way and you will get two entries. You may use this picture on your blog anyway you like. Thanks for playing and good luck!Photobucket

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Can't Wait To Tell!

Today has been such a wonderful day! Really just enjoying a Sunday afternoon, visiting friends and family. I love the no pressure day of Sunday!

I've been working on something very exciting not today of course...well maybe just a little...don't tell......I can't wait to tell. You have to wait....but.....I will tell sometime soon! Meanwhile I think we'll do a give away! A Quilt Kit ( with Amy Butler Fabric in it)! I will post a picture in the morning. Make a comment, get an entry. Tell your friends. If they post a comment well you get an extra entry and they get one too. Link me to your blog and you get two. If I'm already linked to your about the give-a-way.....Have fun.....I'll be in touch tomorrow.

Happy Sunday Eve