Monday, May 27, 2013


Melda and I are back from International Quilt Market hosted this year in Portland Oregon. This is our booth. We showed Lilly Belle Signs for the first time and I have to say I wasn't expecting everyone to love them so much. Of course I..... think they are great.......... but it was fun to see everyone so excited about them.

This was our Nerd Chic Day.  Harriet on the in the middle....and Melda (my besty) on the right.  Harriet is my Design Director with Henry Glass.  Your the best Miss Harriet!

The Carry On is one of our new bags.  Available as soon as I get them uploaded to my website.
The Quilt Pattern Sketchy is shown behind in a throw size.
This is Sketchy in the baby size with the ruffle option.
Summer Afternoon is our first stitchery.

Check out our website to see all of our newest patterns and vinyl at  That's it for now, but I will try and get more fun market pictures uploaded soon.  Hope you all have had a great Memorial Day weekend.