Saturday, July 25, 2009

Supply List For Mitered Receiving Blanket

30" x 30" Flannel
For your focus fabric (top middle piece) (you will have to buy 32" x 45" and square it to 30" x 30")

40" x 40" Flannel
For back and mitered corners (you will have to buy 42" x 45 and cut and square it to 40" x 40")

Jumbo Ric Rac
3 3/4 Yard

Water Soluble Pen (for marking the mitered corners)
Straight edge ruler

I will post the video sometime next week before Friday!



Asiyah said...

That is very generous of you Amy. Thanks for the supply list!

Zully López-Romero said...

Hi Amy: Thanks for the supply list.

Have a nice weekend.


Anonymous said...

Thanks a bunch now we can sew along:)

onlymehere said...

Thank you for the list. I'm so excited to make this! You're a sweetheart. Cindy

natalie malan said...

I'm so excited to see this! My baby is 4 mo old, and I've been trying to find out how to make one of these since before she was born! lol. It is so nice of you to post videos and directions.

natalie malan said...

ps I have most of the supply list to make it, but I have that super soft minky stuff for the middle piece, is that ok?